Who is Seven Sirius Benjamin? How surprising would it be if a celebrity parent’s offspring followed in their footsteps? It’s rare for a child to pursue their career without the support of their famous parents. Seven, who shares a similarity with his father, gets a lot of attention from those who are fans of his parents. Continuous reading to learn more about Seven Sirius Benjamin’s biography, including his age, weight, net worth, family, spouse, social media and career.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Bio and Family

The hip hop superstar Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu’s child, Seven Sirius Benjamin, were born in  Dallas, Texas, United States. Seven Sirius Benjamin is just Andre’s stage name; his real name at birth was Andre Benjamin. November 18, 1997, he marked his birth. According to the year 2022, Seven Sirius will be 25 years old.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Early Life and Education

The academic history of Seven Sirius Benjamin’ is not well known. He attended a high school in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. He learns Botany without revealing the name of the college. He seems like a straight man, but he quickly gains fame. The parents of Seven are recognized as legendary magicians. Seven Sirius Benjamin was a toddler when his parents separated. Yet, they somehow managed to raise him so that his personality grew without any negative impacts. Seven’s grandmother Sharon Benjamin passed away in 2013, and his grandfather Lawrence passed away in 2014.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Physical Stats

Seven seem to be of African American descent and claim American nationality. Seven Sirius Benjamin is born under the sign of Scorpio. There isn’t a lot of information available about his physical characteristics. Seven Sirius looks like his father. On the other hand, he keeps out of the public eye and is hardly spotted. His mother, Erykah, uploaded a video of him to Instagram. In the video, Sirius may be seen.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Career: Son of Musicians

Seven Sirius Benjamin spent a good deal of his early stages in Dallas, his hometown. He loves to keep his life private. He enjoys avoiding the spotlight. Seven Sirius avoids the spotlight because he is such a shy person. His father is responsible for his personality’s rise to prominence. Nevertheless, there is still hope that Seven Sirius Benjamin may appear in films. He has also been seen creating videos for TikTok alongside his sister Puma Curry.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Relationship Status

Being the child of a celebrity, he is famous around the world. The followers of his parents were curious to know about Seven’s life. Seven Sirius does not give any information about his private life. No one knows whether Seven Sirius is engaged in any relationship or not.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Income Details and Net Worth

On the other hand, his parents are well-known musicians who have built successful careers in the music industry. His mother, Erykah’s worth is $10 million, while Andre 3000’s net worth is $35 million. He has a luxurious lifestyle as his parents earn a handsome salary.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Social Media Life

Seven Sirius Benjamin avoids social media since he is not very social. There are no recent pictures of Seven Sirius on online platforms. He is not a  social media person. He sometimes appears on his mother’s social media handle.

FAQs about Seven Sirius Benjamin

What is the name of Seven Sirius’s school?

Not mentioned.

What is Seven Sirius Benjamin’s weight?

Not known.

What is the name of Seven Sirius’s Instagram handle?

Not mentioned.

What is the nationality of Seven Sirius Benjamin?


What is the net worth of Seven Sirius’s father?

$35 million.

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