DroneDeploy has become a leading enterprise, in its series E round the company has raised $50 million funding and has gained a lot of attraction towards itself.Drones are really overcoming all the issues that were faced without such functions that these drones provide. These drones have made the work easy and also systematic. It is used for major operations, job site inspection and these drones demand is increasing day by day, all over the world. 

DroneDeploy And Its Working

DroneDeploy drones are mainly used for the purpose of collecting and analyzing data in visual form from various sources and working sites. Commercial drones are generally used by every section of the companies. It has even become essential to use drones for social distancing measures therefore this technology came out as a cloud based solution for such problems. 

DroneDeploy And Its Strategies. 

The company is trying to expand its business and want to develop products which could be used beyond aerial capture.  DroneDeploy wants to expand its business in terms of streamline operations. DroneDeploy is famous for its services. They provide a wide range of facilities as it could capture visuals from any height and can analyze every dimension as well as from any angle you want. 

Together these services are not available in any other companies’ police and if it is then that is not market friendly. DroneDeploy strategies are to meet the market demands in a cost friendly manner. 

Features Of DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy has been seen to be very efficient when it comes to its features although it can capture images from any height and that to any range as well as from any angle, the company is now also trying to upgrade it to 360 Walkthrough.It did not have the feature of vertical flight but now will be available, this will help in many of the aspects. 

DroneDeploy can also capture images and transform them into 3D modeling, there is another feature which could be used for professional mapping as well as it could report on any device which is there on the earth.

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