Scottsdale, Arizona, is a desert city known for its beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle. With an average temperature of 72 degrees and over 330 days of sunshine per year, it’s no wonder many residents choose to have a pool in their backyard. But why should you search for Scottsdale homes for sale with pool, and what are the benefits of having a swimming pool? Find out.

Benefits of Having a Pool

There are many benefits to having a pool in your Scottsdale home. Here are just a few.

Beat the Heat

Scottsdale can get hot in the summer, with temperatures often soaring above 100 degrees. A pool in your backyard is an excellent way to beat the heat and stay cool during summer. You can dip in the pool without leaving home or driving to a public pool.

Stay Active

Swimming helps you stay fit and healthy. It’s a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints, making it a perfect option for people of all ages and fitness levels. With a pool in your backyard, you can swim laps, do water aerobics, or play with your kids in the water.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A pool is an excellent investment in your home. Not only does it provide you with endless hours of fun and relaxation, but it can also increase the value of your property, according to most real estate experts in Scottsdale. If you ever decide to sell your home, a pool can be a significant selling point that can help you get top dollar for your property.

Features to Consider When buying a home with a Pool

If you’re considering buying a home with a pool in Scottsdale, Arizona, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some of them.


Consider the home’s location in relation to your daily activities, such as work, school, and shopping. Also, consider the location of the pool on the property, as some homes may have limited space, or the pool may not be ideally situated for sun exposure, privacy, or landscaping.

Size and features

Consider the size of the pool in relation to the size of the property and the number of people who will be using it. Also, consider the features of the pool, such as its shape, depth, and any additional amenities, such as waterfalls, hot tubs, or slides.

Maintenance and upkeep

Maintaining a pool requires regular upkeep, including cleaning, chemical balancing, and repairs. Make sure to factor in pool maintenance and care costs when considering a home with a pool since all homeowners in Scottsdale are required by the law to keep their pools clean, safe, and workable.


It’s crucial to consider the safety of the pool, especially if you have children or pets. Look for a pool with a secure fence and pool cover, and consider installing additional safety features, such as a pool alarm.

There are several advantages to buying Scottsdale homes for sale with a pool. It provides a fun and enjoyable way to beat the heat, stay active, and relax with family and friends. When designing your pool, consider the many features available, and work with a professional pool builder to create a pool that meets your needs and fits your budget.


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