“A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.”- Peter Turla. Planning plays an important role in the achievement of goals, and in the case of students, having a fixed timetable is cardinal for achieving their academic goals. That is why schools operate on fixed timetables.

Usually, teachers create timetables on paper themselves, but this could take most of their time when they have several timetables to make. That is why teachers use online timetable creator, which makes the task of creating time schedules much easier for them.

An online timetable management system is a part of a school ERP system. It is a module that is solely dedicated to the creation of timetables and assisting teachers and administrators in better time management. Here are the best features of the timetable maker that help teachers.

Easy Timetable Creation: Timetable creation is not an easy task, usually while preparing a timetable, coordinators have to put in lots of thought and time; like which period to assign which teacher, the duration of lectures, and much more. So, when it comes to preparing a timetable for every class and section, the task becomes much more complicated. However, using a timetable makes every step easier, teachers just need to fill out the details of their schedule in the ready-made template. This methereheir is no need to sit with pen and paper to create a timetable and waste hours.

Create Customized Timetable: Creating a timetable in the same old method using pen and paper becomes boring. Today where visuals are used to inform and engage people, why not use them to create an attractive timetable? Using the customizable timetable templates, teachers can create a personalized timetable. They can change the background image, color, and text in the digital timetable, making it more personalized according to need.

Auto Arrangement: It happens in a school where once in a while a teacher is on leave, and in such cases, the lecture he/she takes remains free. However, if a school uses the timetable management system, it will automatically allot the free period to the substitute teacher in place of the absentee teacher. 

Manual Editing Option: Other than creating a timetable automatically, the timetable creator also gives the option of editing it manually. It helps the teachers to make any changes as per their choice, and the best part is they don’t have to worry about messing up the whole timetable. Just edit the part that you need to change and the new schedule is ready.

Check Teacher’s Attendance: Timetable management can not help in creating a timetable, but also seek the teacher’s performance. Using timetable management system, administrators can assign classes to teachers and can keep track of them in real time. It will show them the time duration for which teachers taught in a class, the topics they taught, the syllabus they covered, and much more.

Avoids Duplication: As the online timetable maker creates timetables using software it is much more accurate. In a manual timetable, often administrators assign one class to two teachers at the same time, this can create conflicts. However, when computer is used to create a timetable, there is no chance of making such mistakes.

Creates Productive Timetables: Cramming hours and hours of lectures along with extra classes and tests, all these things are not good for teachers and students in the long run. As, overdoing anything can make learning tedious and monotonous, and can cause teachers and students to feel burn-out. Using the smart features of  timetable maker, administrators can create holistic timetables. Such timetables will give teachers and students enough breaks to recharge themselves, thus, increasing their productivity levels.

Save and Share: The online timetable creator has the feature of saving your current progress while you create a timetable, this helps to start your work, starting from the same place. Along with this, you can share the final timetable link along with the respective lesson plan template with anyone i.e; students and administrators.

Generates Timetable Report: The timetable management system creates a report for analysis of teaching & syllabus progress made. 

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