Puppy dogs, kittens or baby rabbits are still popular Christmas gifts for children. Here are five reasons why this is not a good idea. Better to play online live casino with dealers together.

When there’s a cute pet as a gift at Christmas, children’s joy over the addition to the family with fur is huge. Why animals as a Christmas gift are problematic and what drastic measures animal shelters therefore often take, you will learn here.

1. pets are not (play) things

Cats, dogs or guinea pigs, unlike dolls or Lego bricks, can’t just be put aside or even returned when you no longer feel like having them.

It is therefore important that they do not land as a “surprise” under the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, he said, there are always cases where one can only shake one’s head. Nevertheless, it becomes clear what pets are for many people: Things, over which one can dispose, as one feels like it. We should not be a part of that under any circumstances.

2. the animal must fit to the household

At Christmas, people like to give away small animals, such as rabbits. However, rabbits are completely unsuitable for children because they are flight animals and do not like to be cuddled or stroked.

Who wants to get a pet, should look above all that it fits: to the family, to the life and living situation. It’s like a dating agency, two characters have to fit together, the life of the master or mistress has to fit the life of the animal – and vice versa. For this, you have to bring time, which probably few can muster in the pre-Christmas rush.

3. poor preparation

Dogs and cats need to be acclimated, rabbits need a hutch – and all family members should be okay with the new addition. Good preparation is absolutely necessary when getting a pet. Unfortunately, it often happens that preparation falls short, especially in the case of pets that are given as gifts at Christmas.

Particularly frequently one forgets to consider whether there is enough money at all. The annual costs of a cat amount to according to the German animal protection federation to approximately 700 euro, a dog costs 750 to 1,200 euro in the year. Costs result for fodder, inoculations, worming, taxes, cat litter – the purchase costs are not yet included here at all.

4. a dog stays not only over Christmas – but a life long

Dogs often accompany us for many years of our lives. Cats live up to 20 years, dogs depending on breed and size around 15 years – and even rabbits can live up to twelve years. Pets accompany us for a long time. They are family members who must always be taken into account: Who will walk the dog? Even in ten years?

Who will take care of the animal when the family goes on vacation? Or the child moves out to study? Or starts a family of their own? Questions that need to be clarified and considered. That, too, often comes up short when thinking about the cute Christmas present.

5. animals often end up in the animal shelter – or on the street

Animals, which are acquired at short notice to Christmas, land frequently in the Tierheim or on the road – partly even already between Christmas and New Year, say the German animal protection federation. The reasons are different: The decision to acquire a domestic animal was not well thought out, the animal did not fulfill the expectations of the new owner:inside or the child lost interest.

Each year it is thousands of domestic animals, which are abandoned or delivered therefore, writes the animal protection organization four paws. That these are spurned Christmas gifts, one can only guess.


To prevent animals from ending up under the tree as Christmas presents, many animal shelters impose a placement freeze around the holidays. In this way, the animal shelters want to at least somewhat prevent the problem of people thoughtlessly giving away animals for Christmas.

In the shelter, many animals are waiting for a new home – but the “adoption” should be well thought out.

Who wants to give away despite everything a domestic animal to Christmas, Brettmeister of the animal home Munich guesses to put a cuddly toy as coupon under the tree – and to select the animal later in peace. Ideally, it is then an animal from the shelter, because more and more abandoned, deserted and unwanted four-legged friends are waiting here for a permanent home, writes the German Animal Welfare Association.


The animal protection association Munich warns: Under no circumstances one should buy animals over dubious classified advertisements, Internet offers, from street dealers, “from the trunk” or from beggars:inside – also not from pity. Often it concerns thereby illegal offers cheaply brought up animals.

Around 500,000 puppies are brought to Germany from abroad every year. During the Corona pandemic, the desire for a pet was great in some places – and the illegal puppy trade boomed. These animals often have a long suffering path behind them, they are often malnourished, sick, too young and without vaccination. Whoever buys these animals supports the illegal trade and indirectly also the “production” of these animals – which often end up on the street.


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