In this modern earth, education can transform people’s energies and make them comfortable in their energies. Moreover, a girl who has to encounter lots and lots of barriers in their energy to acquire high-quality teaching requires progress in their education. With the goal of improving their learning outcomes and retention rates in government schools, the new portal that is up was started for them. It is mainly to provide complete support and opportunities for women. 

Highlights You must know:

The major highlight of this Prerna is that Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath launched it. The beneficiaries are the students who are studying in the state government primary schools, and their main objective is to enhance the quality of primary education for children. It is a popular portal that the students can choose from and then enjoy more and more happiness in it.

steps for Up Education Portal:

Here is the the signup steps for you that you should follow while you sign in, and it is that you should visit to view the official website of Mission Prerna, choose log in from the button on the homepage. Then, the login form will show for you, and you should fill in the data in it. You have to give the username, password, and captcha code. After that, you have to enter the mission education portal and then log on to it, where you have to click on proceed to conclude the registration procedure.

Benefits Prerna offers you:

The Up Education Portal is the best portal that can offer you a huge advantage where it can improve skills, better foundation mathematics, free online services, widespread impact, and foundation learning objectives. The children who study from 1 to 5 classes in the government schools in Uttar Pradesh can improve their skills through this portal. Then, they can use this gateway to improve foundational arithmetic abilities. This portal does not impose any fees for the students, as it is free for them. This portal also helps a lot of government elementary schools and improves the learning of students.


Therefore, these are the details and data that you should comprehend about the Up Education Portal which is an effective and useful one for government school students. They can improve their studies by using this free portal that can make them happy. Students can gain more knowledge by choosing this portal for their studies.


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