The eye-catching trends you’ll find in ceramic and porcelain tile designs this year bring exciting textures and unique color combinations to the home for a look that’s reminiscent of the past while offering a fresh new approach. You can find a wide variety of these trends at These are some of the hottest trends making their ways to tile showrooms, home decorating magazines and home renovation television shows:

Biophilic design – incorporating natural elements, such as plants and textures found in nature, into tile designs to create a connection to the outdoors.

Sustainable materials – using tiles made from environmentally-friendly materials, such as reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and natural stone.

Mixed materials – combining different types of tiles, such as marble and metal, to create a layered, textured look.

Monochromatic palettes – using tiles in shades of the same color to create a serene and cohesive look.

Hand-crafted or artisanal tiles – using tiles that are made by hand or feature unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

Black and white geometric patterns – using black and white geometric patterns to create a bold, modern look.

Terrazzo tiles – using Terrazzo tiles to add a vintage and retro touch to the interior design.

Large format tiles – using large format tiles to create a sense of space and minimize grout lines.

Textured tiles – using textured tiles to add dimension and interest to a space, such as tiles with a rippled or quilted surface.

Vintage or antique-look tiles – using tiles that are designed to look like they are vintage or antique, such as encaustic tiles.

Once you’ve determined the style you’d like to carry out in an area, you have many different types of tile to choose from.

  1. Large-format tiles – tiles that are larger than the traditional 12×12 or 18×18 inches, creating a more seamless look.
  2. Textured tiles – tiles with added dimension and visual interest, such as those with a rippled or quilted surface.
  3. Hexagonal tiles – six-sided tiles that can be used to create unique patterns and designs.
  4. Terrazzo tiles – tiles made from chips of marble or granite embedded in a cement base, creating a speckled look.
  5. Wood-look tiles – tiles that mimic the appearance of natural wood, but with the durability and low-maintenance of ceramic or porcelain.
  6. Patterned tiles – tiles with repeating designs or patterns, such as geometric shapes or floral motifs.
  7. Glass tiles – tiles made from glass, which can be used to create a glossy, reflective surface.
  8. Encaustic tiles – tiles with a pattern or design that is created by using different colors of clay.
  9. Metallic tiles – tiles that have a metallic finish, such as copper, silver, or gold, which can be used to add a touch of luxury to a space.
  10. Concrete tiles – tiles that mimic the look of concrete, can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you’re planning to spend many years in your home, choose something you will continue to enjoy for years to come. Sometimes we find ourselves conforming to trends – and that’s okay with fashion – but the changes you make in your home are ones you’ll have to live with for much longer.


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