Casinos are generous with their bonuses and promotions, but they have several rules that must be followed to be claimed and used. The wagering requirement, often known as the rollover or playthrough phrase, is one of the most frequently mentioned terms. This phrase specifies how many times a player must deposit money equal to the bonus and use it to play.

The wagering requirement often only applies to the bonus amount. It may, however, in highly unusual circumstances, pay the incentive’s winnings.

Consider a gambling site with a matching deal of 100% up to $100 with a 10x wagering restriction attached. Players who get the maximum of $100 must make a deposit equal to ten times the offer, or $1,000.

Casinos may cancel the bonus and any rewards activated if you try to cash out before the rollover requirement is satisfied. Additionally, the condition and all associated awards are voided unless fulfilled within the allotted shelf life.

Rollover requirements are attached to bonuses by casinos to prevent players from abusing them. Because of the wagering restrictions, players must deposit additional real money at the gambling website before withdrawing the extra cash—the clause functions as an insurance policy for businesses.

Gamers need help getting around the wagering requirements for bonuses. Clearing these words is the only way to overcome them. All that bettors can do is set up an environment that encourages them to play through incentives with the least amount of friction feasible. WeGamble gives some methods for doing this.

Ways To Do So

Play High RTP Games

High RTP games are typically not included in clearing playthrough requirements at many gambling platforms. These percentages represent the hypothetical returns from bets made over a prolonged period. In the long term, a set with a 99% RTP rate is expected to pay $99 for $100 bets.

Return to Player chances are speculative, but they provide a general idea of what to anticipate. Play the high RTP game if you’re fortunate enough to receive authorization to waive the wagering requirements.

These sets’ high yields allow quicker and less expensive fulfillment of the criteria. Table games, including blackjack, video poker, and roulette, have high RTPs. Some slot machines also fall under the category of high RTP games.

Select High Volatile Games

To meet playthrough criteria, players must land huge winnings of more than 300 times the stake deposited, and high-volatility games provide precisely that. These games use a math paradigm that allows for big rewards, but protracted losing streaks space them out. They are, therefore, appropriate for an aggressive strategy that enables bettors to take significant risks in the hopes of scoring enormous payouts.

This strategy best suits high rollers with huge bankrolls who can endure extended dry spells until good fortune arrives. Small gamblers may avoid breaking the bank by sticking to moderate volatility pokies and taking their time to complete the requirements.

Avoid Bonuses

Avoiding casino rewards is the most straightforward approach to escape the strain of meeting playthrough requirements. The majority of gaming locations have wagering requirements and linked prizes. As a result, it is impossible to evade these conditions while taking advantage of incentives and promotions. However, this is advised for gamblers with tight budgets who need help to afford the sums specified by the rollover conditions.

It may reduce the amount of money used for gaming, but it also protects players from uncontrollable losses. Rarely, though, are boons without set playing requirements, allowing players to utilize them and cash them out without making a deposit. In these situations, accept the offer if the other conditions are agreeable towards your gambling strategies. 

Pick Bonuses With Minimal Playthrough Requirements

Smaller sums are needed to clear incentives with low wagering requirements than high ones. To earn a 10x rollover period, for instance, a $200 bonus needs spending $2,000 in total. Comparatively speaking, this sum is trivial and straightforward compared to the $20,000 required to satisfy a 100x playthrough term.

Additionally, choose boons whose playthrough requirements only apply to the bonus amount. Even though the wagering requirement is minimal, the rollover amount will likely be much larger if the accumulated wins are included in the calculation. The rewards are usually spared in the offers, but it is still important to verify.

Accept Small Offers

The best action is to claim a small sum rather than going for the maximum if the playthrough time is lengthy and you still desire the offer. Investing $50 in a game with a 50x wagering requirement results in spending $2,500 to complete the offer. On the other hand, the specific rollover requirement for a $500 bonus calls for a monstrous $25,000 in wagers to be cleared. Small incentives safeguard gamblers from making large deposits; however, they do not considerably increase bankrolls.

Play games with high contributions

Different games contribute differently to the wagering requirements—only this percentage of their stakes from a set with a 75% rollover clearance rate counts. The gambling site often chooses which games are exempt from the conditions and how much they can contribute.

Any exclusions are noted in the “terms and conditions” section. Slot machines usually have the highest contribution odds of 100%. Other payout percentages of 75% or less include video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, keno, and poker. Use the pokies bonus amounts to finish these terms quickly.

Finish With Sets with Low Variance

Switch to low-volatility games if it is evident that you can meet the playing requirements on time. The objective is to contribute enough to the rollover, but it will all be for naught if you lose too much money. By taking a step back and playing low-risk sets, you may be guaranteed to finish the wagering race with enough profit to cash out.


If you don’t read the small print and the Terms and Conditions that should be posted on the website, there is no simple method to beat the odds regarding wagering requirements.

Always choose trustworthy gambling sites with licenses from recognized gaming regulators. Therefore, these gambling websites must adhere to tight guidelines by the relevant gaming regulator.

Important information about your incentive should be available in the Terms and Conditions. WeGamble advises you to thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions before signing up for a bonus to know the wagering requirements.

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