Cristina Servin, a name that has become synonymous with the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), has captured the attention of many through her association with the legendary fighter Tony Ferguson. While her personal life remains largely private, her magnetic personality has left an indelible impression on those who have had the pleasure of crossing paths with her.

As a proud American, Cristina has embraced her roots while carving her own unique path in life. Her unwavering dedication to health and fitness has not only helped her maintain a stunning physique but has also inspired many others to embark on a similar journey toward a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Early Life

The aged 31 Cristina servin’ is born in California on the date called 15 August 1991. No one has known about the whereabouts of all her parents. including her father and mother also in the long run.

Education and body measurements:

The famous celebrity Cristina servin completed her education in California only.  She is mainly possessing a religion of Christianity. She has an ethnicity that is mostly known to be white. The sign of her birth is mostly Leo. The famous model is basically having a height of five feet and seven inches. No one knows about the siblings that she is having. If we talk about her weight, we can say that she is roughly has a weight of 60 kg. She maintains her figure and also she follows a particular diet which is a part of her everyday schedule. 

Married Life

She cristina servin is mostly known to be the happiest person who is married mostly. We can understand about Tony Ferguson and she got easily married too. You will find that they did their engagement in the year 2011. They also had a son who is mostly named Armand Anthony and that too happened in the year called 2016. 

The date roughly is 28. Things were not going well between cristina servin and her husband and then you will find that she took a measure to keep herself away from all the different kind of rom-com that is happening. But after resolving the conflicts, things started to go well between them.

Facts to know: 

  • There are some facts that we can check and they are related to the life of Cristina Servin the most important ones are that she participated in Mexicano Universal Jalisco and which was in Mexico. 
  • Her husband had built a training apparatus with his own hard work. This is one significant benefit that you will find when you go to check the training procedures that are mostly present. 
  • Mainly her favorite hobbies include shopping and also she loves to travel. 
  • This is one of the best qualities that she has as she is very much interested in doing all the chores that are related to singing too. 

Net worth:

 The net worth will range generally high. There is approximately a dollar of two million that Cristina servin has managed to raise and also there is a fighting style that she is going to follow. She made her life mostly successful very much and also she has got a career worth fighting. 


You will find that Cristina servin is mostly very much popular because of her husband too. He has got a huge fan following too and also he loves to talk with the best people who will help to increase the following that he has on social media. You will find that people have showered the best kind of love upon him for the future.

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